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The legal definition of a bail bondsman is as follows:  “an individual or firm that lends bail money to defendants awaiting trial.”  But if you wanted a one word description of a bail bondsman it would be multitasker.  A bondsman acts as an insurance agent, a social worker, a financial advisor and a family counselor all rolled into one.

Aside from the actual posting of the bail money, an agent takes on the responsibility of seeing to it that the defendant his agency is backing follows all the stipulations that may go along with the court’s ruling.  The one thing that all defendants must do is to appear in court when they are expected to be there.  There may be preliminary hearings that require the defendant’s attendance even before his trial begins.  The bondsman  will remind the defendant when a court date is scheduled and will be on hand to provide transportation to and from the courthouse if need be.

Family members may need some help in coping with the situation that their loved one has gotten himself into, especially if it is the first time they have had to deal with the court system.  A bondsman is familiar with the procedures and can guide the family through every step of the way, making things easier for everyone.  As you can tell, a bondsman can be a defendant’s best friend.

Some cases will require a cosigner to act as what is known as the ‘indemnitor” for the bond.  Once he signs on the indemnitor will share financial responsibility right along with the bondsman.  This is often part of the bond agreement if the defendant is a flee risk.  It may also be necessary for the defendant or cosigner to offer up some kind of collateral before the bond is posted.  The bondsman will advise the defendant about what kind of collateral is acceptable and how the transaction will be arranged.

Most well established bond agencies will accept major credit cards as a method of payment for fees and some even offer their own payment plans.

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