You May Need To Deal With Restrictions

A defendant who has been arrested and booked on a criminal charge will usually be released on bail at his arraignment or the first time he appears before the court. Depending on the circumstances of the case the judge may attach certain conditions that go along with the defendant’s release. These conditions will put some restrictions on the lifestyle and conduct of the defendant while he is free on bond pending trial.

The bail system was established in order to give criminal defendants a chance to carry on with their lives and work with a lawyer to build their defense. In return for this opportunity the defendant will assure the court that he will be present for all assigned trial dates. Taking into account the problem of overcrowded jails and the cost of housing the prisoners, bail is a win win solution for everyone concerned. But that doesn’t mean that a defendant will be given free rein.

One of the basic stipulations that a judge will insist on is that the defendant be employed while he is out on bail. If the defendant isn’t currently employed he will be required to prove to the court that he is looking for a job. If the defendant is represented by a bail bond agency they will take on the responsibility of helping the defendant seek employment.

If a defendant is found by the court to be a flight risk he will be required to turn his passport over to the authorities and any travel may be restricted to within the jurisdiction. His bail agent will encourage the defendant to comply so that his freedom will not be revoked.

The court will frown on the defendant having any connection to the alleged victim in the pending case against him or anyone who may be called as a witness to the crime. This concern will be taken into account under the terms of the bail. Again, the bail agent will be on hand to advise the defendant.

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