You Don’t Have To Go It Alone

If you are out on bail and have missed a scheduled court date don’t panic, but do call your bondsman asap. If you have a legitimate reason for your failure to appear your bondsman can file what is called a “resumption of liability” so that you won’t be arrested a second time and a new court date can be set. The court may grant the request if specific circumstances like illness or emergency exist.

Without the help of your bondsman the courts will issue a bench warrant for your arrest on the charge of “failure to appear.” You will be apprehended and brought before the court to defend your reason for missing the assigned date. You could face a significant fine or even be remanded into custody until the time of your original trial, with no chance of bail.

If you do not contact your bondsman the court will. When a bonded defendant fails to appear the court automatically notifies the bond agency. The agency then has six months to find the defendant and bring him back to the court or take responsibility for paying the bail in full. In an effort to track down a defendant a bondsman may contact friends, family members or coworkers.

If you were released from custody without the representation of a bail bond agency and have missed a court date you can still benefit from their services. Call the agency and arrange to have a bondsman meet you at the courthouse when you surrender yourself to the authorities.

Some bail arrangements call for a co-signer, someone to be responsible in case the defendant fails to uphold his end of the agreement. A reputable bonding agency will inform the family member or friend who is considering taking on the role as to exactly what will be
expected of them. The bondsman representing the defendant will advise the co-signer to be sure that they can trust the defendant to comply with all of the stipulations that may be attached to the bail bond contract.

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