You Can Increase The Odds In Your Favor

From the moment you hear the siren and see those flashing lights in your rearview mirror your only thought is how you are going to get yourself out of this jam. The best outcome that you can hope for is that the police officer pulled you over for some minor traffic infraction and that he will let you off with a warning. If that’s not the case however, and you are placed under arrest the next best scenario is that you will be granted bail and released from custody asap. Your odds of that happening are determined in part by your behavior at the time of your arrest. The court is often influenced by the facts included in the arrest report.

If you have no previous charges against you and you are not considered a flight risk you will most likely be granted bail unless the crime you have been accused of is of a particularly violent nature in which case you could be recognized as a threat to the community. This will be determined at your arraignment. If you have come to terms with a bail bond agency your bondsman can post your bail with the court and you will be released.

A preliminary hearing is held to determine if there is enough evidence to hold the defendant over for trial. It is compulsory that you attend this hearing. Your bondsman will remind you of the date and time that you will be expected to appear in court and if you need assistance in getting there he will arrange for transportation.

Any time that there is reason for the court to convene to consider new evidence or to hear witness testimony you as the defendant will be required to attend. Once again you can depend on your bail bondsman to keep you advised.

The right to bail is justified, without it our jails would be overrun and a lot of our loved ones would be held behind bars unable to work to support their families. BWB Bail Bonds is here to represent your interests. Call 720-358-2908 now.

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