Understand The Particulars Of The Bail Process

In most cases whether a person is arrested for a misdemeanor or a felony, he has the right to bail at an equitable cost. Bail is the money that you must pay to the courts in order to gain your freedom while awaiting trial. There are basically three ways to arrange for bail. If you can afford it you can pay cash to the court and be on your way. Some judges will accept a property deed as collateral. The third and more practical option is to hire a bail bond agency to represent you.

When a bail bond agency takes on your case they pay the amount of bail money that has been determined by the court and charge you a percentage fee, usually 10 or 15%. If a friend or relative is acting on your behalf he will need to tell the bondsman exactly where you are being held – there may be more than one holding facility in the jurisdiction.

This is how it will play out. A representative from the agency will meet you at the jail, pay your bail and you will be released asap, depending on how the system is moving along that day. The larger the facility the more likely it will be that your release may take more time. Your freedom may be subject to particular stipulations laid out by the court. If you were arrested on a drug or alcohol charge for instance, you may be ordered to attend rehab sessions or even spend time in a facility. if you are considered to be a flight risk, your travel options may be limited.

From the time of your release your bail bond agent will stay in touch with you and help you stick to the conditions of your bail. You will probably be required to appear in court several times before your actual trial date. There are preliminary hearings, rulings on lawyer petitions, etc. that will need to be dealt with in preparation for a trial.

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