Trust The Advice From Your Bondsman

It’s one thing to help out a family member or someone you are extremely close to but should you be expected to do the same for a casual friend? There are several things to consider before you commit to bailing anyone out of jail.

First of all, find out all you can about the reason for the arrest. There are extenuating circumstances surrounding every case and sometimes just plain old bad luck can land someone in trouble with the law. It may be that you were even present at the time your friend was taken into custody. If so you will know exactly what went down and whether or not your friend is getting a raw deal. The decision to bail him out is easy in this kind of situation but you may not have this advantage.

How bad can it be? If you live in a small town that houses its criminal suspects in a community jailhouse you might feel that there is no immediate need to rush to your friend’s aid. The reality is however, that many small jails are only equipped to handle a few inmates at any one time. If he is one of those who is transferred out to a larger facility your friend may well be going into a potentially dangerous environment.

Can you afford to take the risk? Any time you put your own security on the line for someone else you’d better know that person pretty well. The bail system is based on the trust that the defendant will return to the court for his trial date and any hearings that may require his presence before that time. If your friend violates the conditions of his release you will be at risk for losing any collateral that you may have put up when you arranged for his bail.

When you speak to an agent from BWB Bail Bonds in Denver he will talk to you about the contingencies associated with a bail bond so that you can make a clear decision. You can reach a BWB agent at any time of day or night by calling 720-358-2908.

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