Trust Is A Matter For Concern

One of the most recurrent questions that the inexperienced person asks about the process of bailing someone out of jail is “How much will it cost me?”  And rightly so.  Even though you may want to help a friend out of trouble you don’t want to put yourself or your money at risk.  You will definitely be taking a chance if you decide to act on your friend’s behalf.

You should be able to count on the information that your bondsman gives you.  Once you present him with a few basic facts about the charges being brought against the defendant and where he is being held, the bondsman can begin to nail down the numbers.  The fee the agency charges will be a minimal percentage  (usually 10-15%) of the amount that that the judge sets for bail.  If the judge sees fit to set a particularly high bail the matter of collateral may arise.

There are several factors that enter into a judge’s decision concerning the amount of bail to impose.  His first concern will be the possibility that the defendant will attempt to escape prosecution by running away.  A  serious crime that could bring harsh consequences for the defendant if convicted might make him a flight risk in the eyes of the judge

Of course the safety of the population is a top priority for any judge.  If the defendant has a history of violence or if the case at hand involves the use of force on the part of the defendant the terms of his bail may be restrictive.  On the other hand if the evidence against the defendant seems weak or if there appears to be a discrepancy in the arrest report for instance, a judge might very well determine that the bail amount be reduced.

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