Trust A Bail Bondsman’s Advice

The bondsmen who represent BWB Bail Bonds throughout the state of Colorado are experienced and know that the primary thought in the mind of anyone who has been arrested and put into jail is to get out asap. They also know that the actions and reactions shown by a defendant at the time of his arrest may well play a part in the timeliness of a release. The testimony of an arresting officer can definitely have an influence on a judge who is determining the details surrounding bail, including how much it is going to cost.

BWB agents can tell you that cooperation is key. You will have plenty of opportunity to plead your case at the appropriate time, but trying to convince the police that they are mistaken or that they are arresting you unfairly is always a bad idea. Leave it to your legal representative to claim that the arrest was unconstitutional.

You do have certain rights, but so does the officer who is arresting you. Try to keep in mind that he doesn’t know you personally and that after all, something you did or seem to have done has caused his suspicions. He will also be concerned that the safety of any bystanders, as well as his own, may be at stake.

Take the Miranda rights literally. When the officer says that “anything you say can and will be used against you…” he means it. If you go ahead and talk to the police or answer their questions without legal representation you are leaving yourself open to incrimination. Again, let your lawyer do the talking.

Once a defendant has been released from custody he will have certain rules to follow while waiting for his trial date. The BWB bondsman assigned to any case will take on the responsibility of helping the client adhere to all the stipulations that go along with keeping him free. Put yourself in good hands – call BWB @ 720-358-2908 when you need help.

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