There Are Some Basic Concerns That Will Influence A Defendant’s Bail

Having to pay cash or put up property in order to get out of jail is not meant to be a punishment. Bail is actually a kind of insurance. It represents a promise that an accused defendant will appear for all dates scheduled by the court. The court will decide on the amount of bail to be imposed, based on several considerations.

The type of crime that the defendant has been charged with is definitely a determining factor when a judge is considering the amount of bail that will be appropriate for a particular case. The more serious the charge, the higher the bail amount will be.

Any defendant who is considered to be a “flight risk” will likely have to post substantial bail. A previous criminal record may be reason to suspect that the subject might try to avoid prosecution by fleeing the jurisdiction. Even someone with a clean slate may seem to be at risk if they have access to a lot of cash, or personal means of escape.

Of course the safety of the community at large is cause for concern. If a defendant has been accused of a violent crime or has a history of violence, his bail may be extreme, or even denied. If a warrant has been issued for the defendant’s arrest by another magistrate, the defendant will probably be remanded to custody until action can be taken.

Being part of a family, holding down a job, or having a significant connection to the community are all things that will serve to positively impress a judge, and convince him to allow reasonable bail.

There are some basic court procedures that will have to be conducted before bail is assigned. Once the charges have been read and injunctions explained, the defendant will be made aware of his rights to legal representation at a jury trial. Then the defendant will be allowed to enter a plea of guilty, or not guilty. If the plea is not guilty, bail will then be set.

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