The Terms And Conditions Surrounding Bail Will Be Determined By A Judge

If you’ve been arrested for a crime you didn’t commit the first thing on your mind is to get out of jail asap so that you can work with your attorney to prove your innocence. Hopefully the facility where you are being held is having a slow day and you won’t have to wait too long for your court appearance.

At the arraignment, or bail hearing a judge will determine whether or not, and under what terms you will be released from custody. His judgement can range from releasing you on your own recognizance, which would mean that you are free to go after promising to return for future court appearances, or he may require you to provide bail as a condition of your release.

If the judge concludes that bail is necessary he will set the amount and you can make arrangements. Most people will rely on a bail bonds agency to put up the necessary bail money. You won’t need a lawyer for this, you can call a bondsman directly or have a family member do it for you. A friend or loved one may be willing to co-sign the bail agreement or offer to provide collateral if necessary.

Depending on what kind of offense you have been accused of, it is possible that you won’t have to go through an arraignment. If the crime is listed on the bail schedule that is posted in the jailhouse and has been assigned a recommended amount, and if you are agreeable and able to pay the specified amount your payment will be accepted and you will be free to go. A duty judge may be available to accommodate your early release and spare you having to undergo a hearing. He can assign a bail amount over the phone and waive the court formality.

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