The System Works

The most convincing argument in support of the money bail system as far as judicial authorities are concerned is that it is the best way to guarantee that a defendant will appear in court for his trial. It would be unrealistic to consider keeping every defendant arrested on suspicion of committing a crime in custody pending trial. First of all, the jails don’t have the capacity and even if they did the expense of housing and feeding so many inmates would be extreme.

On the other side of the coin is a regard for the basic rights of the accused. If every arrestee was held in custody until such time as a judge or jury determined guilt or innocence, many would be put in jeopardy of losing their job or even their family. An employer can only be expected to keep a defendant’s position open for so long a time and if that defendant loses his job he may eventually lose his home as well. Without the ability to provide adequate care and parental supervision Family and Child Services could step in.

Even with the money bail system in place most defendants don’t have the personal funds to get themselves out of jail. This is where the bail bond industry comes into the picture. A defendant or a family member acting on his behalf can contact a local bail bond agency, provide the necessary information, pay a nominal fee and expect to be represented by a bondsman who will make the arrangements to gain his freedom.

There are certain obligations that go along with the defendant’s right to bond. Some may be specific to the crime but the one fundamental is that he be present and accounted for at all upcoming court appointments and of course, his trial date. The bail bondsman’s job doesn’t end once the bond is posted. He will continue to be on hand to help with any concerns the defendant might have. If there is a need for transportation to and from the courthouse for instance, the bondsman will provide it.

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