The System Can Set You Free

Bail is not complicated, it is a temporary agreement between the court and the defendant that grants the defendant his freedom in exchange for the promise to return to the court as his presence is required. The court will impose a monetary fee on the defendant as insurance that he will keep his promise.

The amount of the bail fee will be determined in part by the charges that have been brought against the defendant but the final assessment will be totally up to the judge. He can adhere to the guidelines set by the bail schedule or he can veer off track. A history of criminal activity on the part of the defendant or the belief that he may try to shirk his responsibilities will obviously influence the judge’s decision.

In cases of considerable gravity the bail amount may be too much for the defendant to afford. That’s when the bail bondsman comes into the picture. For a minimal percentage of what the court is asking, a bail agency will pay the entire amount so that if the bail is set at $20,000 the defendant can pay the agency 10% to put up the rest and the defendant will be released from custody to await his trial.

Once a defendant employs the services of a bail bond agency that agency takes on the responsibility of seeing to it that the client follows the rules and gets to court on time for every preliminary hearing as well as for the actual day that his trial begins. Any infringement could cause the agency to lose their investment.

In order to minimize the odds that a client will flee to avoid prosecution the bail agency may ask that he surrender a property deed or some other valuable asset to be held until the trial has come to an end at which time it will be returned.

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