The Right To Bail Applies To Every Citizen

Aside from the basic human instinct to enjoy freedom from confinement or restriction there are practical reasons to want to gain release from incarceration after having been charged with a crime. A defendant may have merely been a victim of circumstance, in the wrong place at the wrong time or found himself part of a situation that somehow got completely out of hand. Whatever the case may be he will need to do the work and help his attorney develop a defense that will exonerate him from guilt.

Innocent people can be convicted. A good defense plan can keep a defendant from having to face a lengthy prison term or suffer years of debt trying to pay a hefty fine. With no plausible defense to present a defendant is at the mercy of the court system.

The defendant is the one person who can explain the circumstances leading up to the crime or altercation better than anyone. He can identify potential witnesses and point legal investigators in the right direction to gain vital information that can add credence to his claim of innocence, but he can’t do it from behind bars.

Most defendants would be hard pressed to come up with the means to bail themselves out of jail. This is where help from a bail bond agency comes into play. The bonding system makes it possible for a defendant or his representative to hire a bondsman to put up the money that will allow that defendant his freedom pending the trial date. Not only will he be free to consult with his attorney but the defendant can get back to his job and continue in the support of his family. Without the recourse of bail our jails would be overrun and the lives of many innocent people could be altered forever.

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