The Right To Appeal

One of the first and most commonly asked questions that a bail agent gets from his client is “How can I have my bail amount reduced?” According to the federal Bail Reform Act, every defendant does have the right to request that their bail is lowered to a more affordable rate.

Bail is basically an agreement between the court and the defendant who has been charged with a crime and is scheduled to appear for judgment. The major concern for the court is to make sure that the defendant will return on the scheduled date. In return for his promise to do so, the court will grant the defendant his freedom until that date, with the stipulation that he provide the court with a secure payment in the form of cash or bond.

The eighth amendment to the US constitution prohibits bail from being set so high that the defendant would never be able to afford to pay. The reasoning behind the law is that the defendant has not yet been found guilty of the charges that have been leveled against him and should be allowed to carry on with his life and to help to establish his own defense until such time that he is due to appear for trial.

The Bail Reform Act grants the defendant the right to ask for a bail hearing, the legal process by which the bail can be reduced. The defendant states his case before the court claiming that the bail is so excessive that it will force the defendant to remain in custody. The court is then required to provide in writing how the bail amount was determined and the circumstances are taken into account.

A bail agent will be aware of the workings of the local court system in this area and can advise his client as to the chances of the bail amount being reduced. A lot will depend on the particulars of the case.

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