The Right Bondsman Can Make The Process Easier To Understand

There aren’t many of us who are prepared to hear the words “I’ve been arrested, can you bail me out of jail?” from a friend or family member.  Your first step is to decide if you want to take on the responsibility, there can be more to it than you might imagine.

The utmost thing on the mind of someone who has been arrested and put behind bars is to get out. There will be a directory of nearby bail agencies posted in the jailhouse so that your friend will be able to give you the number of the one that he wants you to contact.

The bondsman who will answer your call will be able to tell you what to expect from this point on and will ask for some basic information to get things started.  The agent will need to know the proper name of the defendant and his date of birth.  After that he will ask about the charges pending against the defendant, the circumstances surrounding the arrest and the location of the facility where he has been incarcerated.  He will have to have the booking number to refer to, but if you don’t have that information he can find it at the jail.

More personal data will consist of information about any previous arrests that you are aware of, if the defendant lives in the community where he was arrested and if he is currently employed.

You will need to keep communications open if you aren’t able to be present for the bail hearing or any other part of the court process.  There may be questions about things that come up along the way that will need an immediate response.  You will be asked to offer a good contact number.

The BWB Bail Bonds agency in Denver is at your service day and night.  Call us @ 720-358-2908.

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