The Opportunity For Bail Is A Necessary Safeguard

Without a bail system the majority of defendants would have no recourse but to remain in custody until their trial is concluded. This could mean that even those who are eventually found to be innocent of the crime they were charged with would be forced to spend a significant length of time behind bars.

When a defendant is arrested and brought before the court for arraignment he will be asked to plead either guilty or innocent to the charges against him after which the judge will assign the amount of the bail that is to be posted to secure his release. The judge has complete jurisdiction in determining bail amounts and in some cases may impose a higher than usual bail depending on surrounding circumstances.

Even minimal bail amounts may be impossible for an average defendant to afford out of pocket. Fortunately, a bail bond agency can provide the court with a bond which is basically a promise that the defendant will appear for all court dates that the judge appoints. In exchange, the defendant will pay the bond agency a nominal percentage of the bail amount usually 10-15%, as a fee for their services. This way a defendant can gain the freedom that will allow him to continue to provide for his family while he works alongside his defense attorney to prepare for his day in court.

The longer a defendant is forced to remain in jail the more his family will suffer as well. If there are children involved and the defendant is a single parent the kids could well wind up in the foster care program. If the defendant is the sole bread winner for the family they could lose their home and have to rely on other relatives or public welfare.

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