Take Your Commitment To Heart

If you are the best friend or close relative of someone who has gotten himself in a tight spot with the law you may very well be the person he will call on for help. No matter how much he trusts you or how much you want to help you won’t be doing your loved one any favors by trying to go at it alone. There are certain protocol that must be followed when you are dealing with the courts and you will need the help of an experienced bail bondsman who knows his way through the system and can expedite the progress.

Before you commit to taking on the responsibility that goes with helping someone get out of jail there are some contingencies that you should take time to consider. It is the judge’s option to assign the bail amount. If he sets the bail too high a bondsman may feel that a backup plan is in order. This is where collateral comes in.

Collateral is something of a value in accordance with the bail amount that you will hand over to the bondsman to hold until the defendant’s case has been resolved. As long as the defendant has met all the stipulations attached to his release on bail anything that was used as collateral will be returned to the rightful owner.

Be sure you really know the defendant. People may have a totally out of character reaction to being arrested and possibly facing a significant time behind bars. It is not inconceivable that an innocent person can be found guilty because of circumstantial evidence. If your friend the defendant doesn’t relish taking that chance he may decide to skip town, leaving you holding the bag.

It may seem “cool” to help bail a buddy out of jail in the middle of the night, but it is a move that you should take seriously and be willing and able to commit to. BWB Bail Bonds is on hand throughout the state of Colorado to help and advise in your time of need. Call 720-358-2908 24/7.

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