Take The Advice Of Your BWB Bail Bondsman In Aurora, And Follow The Rules Of Your Bail

The presiding judge has the ultimate word in his courtroom.  He will make all the decisions involved in any particular court case, including whether or not a defendant will be released on bail.  If the judge does grant bail, there will probably be certain strings attached.  Stipulations will be in relation to the crime.

If for instance, a defendant was arrested on a drug charge, he may be monitored while on bail, awaiting trial.  A restraining order may be part of a bail arrangement in stalking, or harassment cases, and is usually tied to domestic violence offenses.

Whatever provisions may apply, your BWB bail bondsman in Aurora will tell you that you must stick to them, so that you can stay out of jail, and have the time to work with your lawyer for a complete acquittal.  Call BWB Bail Bonds @ 720-358-2908 for help from an experienced bail bondsman in Aurora.

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