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Denver Bail Considers Flight Risks

A defendant is usually granted bail, unless the charge is murder, or there are extenuating circumstances that prohibit it. One such circumstance is “ flight risk” – the term applied to a defendant who is considered apt to flee the state, or country to avoid trial. In order to determine...
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Our Denver Bail is Available 24/7 near the Courhouse

Being aware of your rights can give you the confidence to deal with being arrested, if the situation should ever arise. The first thing to remember is to try to remain calm, and say as little as possible until you can talk to an attorney. Cooperate with the arresting officer...
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Call for Help with Denver Bail at BWB Bail Bonds

There is an established process of formalities to be followed after an arrest has been made. Without it, the prosecution’s case may be thrown out somewhere along the course of the trial, or even before it can begin. An arraignment is a hearing to determine whether or not Denver bail...
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Know Your Rights During the Denver Bail Process

If you find yourself under arrest in Colorado, call Bail With Bryan to find out what rights you have during the Denver bail process. The 8th amendment to the U.S. Constitution makes “excessive bail” unlawful, but even reasonable Denver bail may be hard to get on your own. The Bail...
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Use Your Home As Collateral for Denver Bail Money

When someone needs Denver bail money, but doesn’t have the cash on hand, one alternative is to use a residential home as collateral. If you do this, the court will place a deed of trust on the house, and draw up a notary validated paper which you must sign, attesting...
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