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Call BWB, The Best Bail Bondsman in Denver

Misdemeanors are criminal violations, but they are usually dealt with by the defendant being released on his/her “own recognizance,” after signing a document stating that they will return for specified court dates. There are some situations however, when a bail bondsman may be needed for a misdemeanor charge – if...
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A Bail Bondsman in Denver Has Authority

Failure to appear in court without notification is a crime in and of itself. If you were released on bail, and then didn’t follow the first condition of that release – to return for a slated trial date – you will face further criminal charges. A warrant will be issued,...
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We Are Licensed Bail Bondsman in Denver Providing 24/7 Service

A bail bondsman in Denver must be licensed in the state where he/she provides services. The license is obtained through the state’s Department of Insurance, after meeting the basic requirements, and participating in a designated number of classroom hours. Classes will deal with the rights of the defendants they will...
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