Starting Your Own Denver Bail Bonds Company

If you’re thinking of starting your own Denver bail bonds company, you may have had some kind of past experience with the judicial system.  This will serve you well in getting your business started and making it successful.

You may already have your bail bondsman’s license, but if not, the Department of Insurance in your state will issue you one.  Requirements vary, some states may want you to have a background of education in the  field of the bail process.  There are  courses, sanctioned by the state, that you can take to meet this requirement, after which you will be ready to take the licensing exam.

A Denver bail bonds agency can be a good way to make a living.  In some cases, even more so than a private investigation agency.  Because bail amounts are often set so high that the typical defendant or his/her family cannot afford to pay it themselves, bail bond companies are frequently called upon.

When  starting up a Denver bail bonds agency, you’ll need to be available at any time of the day or night.  Arrests are made  all the time, and your clients will want to be bailed out of jail as soon as possible.  In order for this to happen, you will guarantee to the court that your client will return for arraignment/trial and that if  he/she does not, you will be responsible.  Your profit for this service will come from the fees you charge your clients, the going rate being 10-15% of the full amount of the bail set by the court.  The bail amounts vary according to the severity of the charges being brought against the defendant.  Therefore, the more serious the crime, the bigger your percentage fee will be.

The Basics of a Denver Bail Bonds Agency

There are some basics to be aware of  in setting up your bail bond company.  In addition to your bonding license, you will need a business license, for which you will pay a fee.  Office space is important.  You may be able to work out of your home at first, eliminating this expense, but having an office  close to the action, so to speak, can be a valuable asset.  High traffic areas or a location near a jail or courthouse would be ideal.  Potential clients will want you to be there for them ASAP.  Having a reliable vehicle is a must.

Make friends in the business.  If you have worked, maybe for another company in the area, before starting out on your own, you will probably already know some of  the police officers and court workers you will be dealing with.  The right people can provide referrals.

As in any successful business, advertising is key.  Use the phone book, use billboards, and have fliers on hand at the local jail advertising your services.  Set up an online website and include rates and directions to  contact you.  Your state’s Department of Insurance may provide a list of bail bonding companies in the area. If this is the case, make sure your company’s information is included.  Hand out business cards at every opportunity.

Denver Bail Bonds Company

Owning a bail bond agency carries more risk than most businesses  The liability involved can be stressful.  You will need to have protection against irresponsible clients.  Search and research!  Insurance  premiums can be expensive in your line of work.  Decisions have to be made, on each case  that you may consider taking on, as to validity and flight risk.  Experience and knowledge of the law will you help  you with this.  A good thing to remember is not to get  personally involved with your cases.  Focus on the business at hand, making sure your client shows up in court on the date specified!

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