Starting With The Basics

Just as in any business transaction involving financing the first step in getting a bonding agency to post your bail is to fill out an application. Some of the questions on the application form will be in regard to the charges that were brought against the defendant, where he is being detained and all information pertaining to previous arrests or parole status, if appropriate.

There will also be the basic information page asking for things like the address of the defendant, his physical description, social security number, date of birth along with any previous addresses and a current phone number.

The agency will want to know if the defendant is employed, where he works and how long he has been in his present workplace. They will also inquire about previous employment and if the defendant belongs to a labor union.

Does the defendant own or operate a motor vehicle? When a bail bond agency determines that a case calls for some form of collateral to be put up along with the fee that is normally charged, defendants often opt to relinquish their car or truck. The agency will need to have proof of ownership and insurance. If the defendant is making payments on the vehicle the agency will need to know how much is still owed and who holds the lien. This holds true for other types of collateral as well.

There is room on the form to fill in the name and contact information of the attorney and law firm who will be representing the defendant in all court proceedings leading up to and including his trial. Part of the bondsman’s job is to keep the defendant apprised of all court dates and there may be times when it is necessary to contact his legal defense. The agency will also want a list of names and addresses for the defendant’s relatives and friends.

BWB Bail Bonds is persistent in the belief that every case deserves consideration and will do their best to help the defendants and their families who call the agency @ 720-358-2908.

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