Some Stipulations Associated With The Bail System Can’t Be Ignored

Bail is advantageous in more ways than one. Yes, it allows a defendant the chance to be with his family and continue working at his job while he awaits his trial date. It also relieves some of the risks that come with overcrowded jails and the expenses that go along with having to feed and house so many prisoners for long periods of time.

The primary stipulation associated with bail being granted to a defendant is that he be obliged to appear in court whenever the judge orders it. There are often preliminary hearings that may be held leading up to the actual trial. If a defendant misses one of those court appearances his bail will be revoked and he will be re-arrested and be held over until trial. The legal term for missing a court date is “failure to appear.” Failure to appear is also considered a crime and so the defendant will be facing a new charge as well as the one he was originally accused of.

When bail is revoked the defending attorney in the case and the bail bondsman are notified by the court. If the defendant is on the run, the bondsman will be given time to find him and return him to the jurisdiction.

Some states consider what they refer to as “mitigating circumstances” as valid reasons for missing a court date. They may include ill-health or injury, but these cases are hard to argue. Bail remission is more often allowed. Remission is when the forfeited bail money is returned because the defendant was unaware of his accountability or that he did not knowingly disobey the terms of his bail. If the court didn’t have to incur expenses in order to track down the defendant and if there were no further damages because of his noncompliance, remission is more likely to be granted.

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