Some Questions Are Just A Part Of The Process

A bail bondsman’s job doesn’t end when he posts the bail for a client,  actually his responsibilities are just beginning.  Once the bondsman decides to assume accountability for a defendant he is committing himself and his agency for the duration – until a decision is made concerning the guilt or innocence of that defendant.  This is why he has to be sure that the client is a good risk and the best way to determine this is by asking some pertinent questions up front.  The bail bond interview can also help protect the interests of a friend or family member who is the one who will be signing the contract.

Experience tells the bonding agent that in a majority of cases a family member is the most reliable client. The biggest risk for a bondsman and his client is that the defendant fails to appear for the trial date which would mean that the bond could be forfeited and the parties to the bail contract be held liable.   Defendants are less likely to skip out and leave someone they truly care about holding the bag.  If a non-family member steps forward instead the bondsman is likely to be careful to establish a close relationship between his client and the defendant.

If you as the client ask to set up a payment plan rather than paying the fee directly the bondsman will need to ask questions pertaining to current employment, whether or not you are a homeowner and if you are well established in the jurisdiction.  If you can show evidence that you have  reputation for paying your bills on time, all the better.  Bondsmen are there to help and are generally willing to negotiate payment arrangements.

A bondsman won’t demand to know every little detail about the case.  His job is not to render moral judgement so his questions will only relate to whether or not he can trust his client to honor the terms of the bail contract.

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