Secured Bail Bonds in Denver vs Unsecured

Whenever considering a bond, you will find that there are two main choices, secured and unsecured. Though both permit release, they certainly have their differences.

Secured Bail Bonds in Denver

The prevalent choice is the secured bond. These bonds are paid by supplying some type of property which is equivalent to the value of the bail. This helps guarantee the courts that they will be able to collect the full sum that is owed for the bond and increases the likelihood that the person will attend their court date. If you choose to select a secured bond, you should think of it as signing over something you own to the courts. If the person that has been released on bond does not appear for their court date, the property will become the courts property. When bailing someone out of jail with a secured bond, it is vital to make sure they appear in court as instructed so your property is not taken for good.

Unsecured Bail Bonds in Denver

Unsecured bonds are similar to secured, however you do not provide property as assurance. This method is more of a promise to pay the entire bail amount if the person does not arrive at their court date. This method is the more risky and is typically only used on smaller bail bonds.

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