Rely On Your Bondsman

The mainstay of the bail system is that the defendant lives up to his part of the bargain. Getting out of jail means that he will be able to re-establish with family members, possible save his job and hire an attorney who can work up a proper defense to present at trial. The tradeoff is that the defendant attends all pre-trial hearings that may be scheduled by the judge. Pretrial hearings are held to hear motions by both the defense and the prosecuting attorneys concerning things like whether or not a witness is credible or if the authorities who arrested the defendant had what is called “probable cause” to do so.

A defendant who for whatever reason misses an obligatory hearing should contact his bail bond agent and his attorney asap. A judge may issue a bench warrant for the defendant’s arrest when he fails to appear as expected so the faster that defendant can offer an explanation for his absence the better. A bonding agent will be familiar with the jurisdiction and can act on his client’s behalf in requesting a rescheduling of the missed hearing. There are some legitimate excuses.

If the defendant or his family member is hospitalized or is involved in an automobile accident and can provide proof of such in the form of insurance papers or medical records he may be exonerated for missing the hearing.

“Inadvertence” is another valid excuse. If for instance, the defendant has the intention of showing up for the hearing but he is confused by the surroundings and goes to the wrong courtroom it is considered to be an honest mistake.

Parental responsibility falls under the category of excusable reasons for missing a court date. If the defendant’s obligation results in his child being left without a caretaker he may be excused by the court.

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