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A bail bondsman can turn out to be a defendant’s best friend in more ways than one. The most inflexible condition of any bail agreement is that the defendant appear in court at each and every designated hearing leading up to and including his trial date. There is very little wiggle room when it comes to convincing a judge that there was a legitimate excuse for the defendant’s “failure to appear.”

The more common term for failure to appear is jumping bail. Regardless of the terminology, not showing up for a scheduled court appearance is a crime in itself. The particulars of the crime vary from state to state. Some state laws for instance, require the prosecuting attorney to prove that the defendant was notified of the impending court date and chose to ignore the communication. If the defense attorney can prove that his client had good reason for the failure to appear he may be able to avoid additional charges, but the odds for a ruling in favor of the defendant are slim in most cases. A defendant who believes himself to be innocent of the original charges against him may figure that he shouldn’t have to go through the preliminaries, but he would be wrong about that!

From the moment a bail bondsman takes on a client that client becomes the bondsman’s responsibility. The bondsman is obligated to see to it that his client live up to the stipulations laid out in the bail arrangement. That may include obeying a curfew, attending rehabilitation counseling, surrendering a passport or any number of provisions, but it will definitely mean that the bondsman makes sure that his client shows up for every court appointed appearance.

If a defendant is released on his own recognizance he may convince himself – or be convinced by others that missing just one seemingly inconsequential court date couldn’t hurt – wrong! Any absence could result in a warrant for arrest with no chance for bail.

A bondsman from BWB Bail Bonds in Denver will take his responsibility seriously. You can rely on him to stay in touch throughout the time of your bail status and answer any concerns you may have along the way. Call for help @ 720-358-2908.

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