Prowers County Bail Bonds

Prowers County Process

Prowers County Bail Bonds

Darla Schwab is a Prowers County bail bondsman who provides excellent service. Once the individual is taken into custody they will be transported to the Prowers County Jail located at 103 East Oak Street, Lamar, Colorado. To begin the process of being booked into the Jail the individual will be searched and all of their property removed and placed in a secure location for safe keeping, including jewelry and personal effects. They will then be taken to the booking desk/area, there they will assist the officer in completing the booking process by confirming their name, address and other personal information. Once the identification portion is complete, for the individual’s benefit they will go through a medical questionnaire/screening. Finally their fingerprints, photograph and in the case of Felony charges a sample of their DNA will be taken for the courts.

The Officer will now inform them of the charges that are being filed against them and what the bond amount is given those charges. At this time they will be allowed to make phone calls to their Attorney, family or friends, in an effort to let people know where they are and to assist them in posting their bond. You will NOT be able to call them back, however you can obtain further information by dialing 719-336-8054.

If their bond is to be posted in a reasonable amount of time (this is dependent upon how busy the Booking area is) the individual may remain in the booking area until the bond is posted. If their bond cannot be posted for some time they will be “dressed” out and placed in population until the bond is posted. If the bond is not posted they will remain incarcerated for the entire duration of the court process.

The following times are only approximate and are not to be relied upon as absolutes, many factors can and will affect these, such as how many people are being processed in or out of the Jail, time of day and the individuals own willingness to cooperate with the Officers.

Booking: 1 hour

Release: 30 minutes, particularly if you use a BWB Bail bond Agent