Once Bail Has Been set, It’s Time To Call BWB For A Bail Bondsman In Aurora

If you know what to expect, you’re more likely to find any difficult experience easier to get through. This theory will surely hold true if you are ever arrested, and need a bail bondsman in Aurora.

Once you have been taken taken into custody, you will go to a local, or county jail. where your fingerprints and “mug shots” will be taken – just like you see on T.V. Then you will wait in a cell, until a judge becomes available to hear your case. If you’re unlucky enough to be arrested on a weekend, you will probably remain behind bars until Monday.

The “preliminary hearing” will be your first opportunity for bail. Your attorney will request that bail be allowed, and unless circumstances prevent it, the judge will set the amount of your bail. This is when you call for a bail bondsman in Aurora from the BWB Bail Bonds Agency. They are on hand to help you any time of the day or night, just call 720-358+2908.

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