You May Need To Rely On A Licensed Bail Bondsman In Your Area

A minor altercation can easily accelerate, and lead to an arrest, and incarceration. If this happen to you, or someone close to you, you will want to get help quickly. Knowing something about how to go about making bail before you are all of a sudden actually faced with the prospect, can help to keep the panic level down.

Say you are the one who is being arrested. The first thing to remember is to go along peacefully. Try to think of the law enforcement officer as your ally, as he will probably be called on to testify as to your demeanor at the scene of the arrest, and your level of cooperation during the booking process. You will want his testimony to be favorable.

Say as little as possible at the time of your arrest. The arresting officer is just that – wait to confer with an attorney for any legal advice. The police are prohibited by law from providing a suspect with the name of a good bail bondsman, for instance.

If you have someone who you know is willing and able to pay your bail up front – it can be expensive – call them asap. If not, a bail bondsman is an alternative, and the best option, in most cases. If a friend calls the bondsman on your behalf, he will be asked when you were arrested, where you are being held, and his relationship to you. Once the information has been collected, and the paperwork completed, the bondsman will pay the court the amount of money that has been set for your bail, to insure that you will return for your trial, and you will be released from jail to await your court date. Your freedom will give you the time to work with your lawyer and get ready to present your case. The bondsman will stay in touch with you throughout that time.

BWB Bail Bonds provides services for the Denver area, and numerous jurisdictions throughout the state of Colorado. Contact BWB by calling 303-835-9421, for prompt, and experienced assistance.

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