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If you’ve been arrested, booked through the jail system and charged with committing a crime you may think that the worst is over, think again. It could take months for your case to come to trial!

Barring any extreme circumstances the judge will set the amount of your bail with the understanding that you will be present for any and all court hearings that may be held between the time of your release and the date of your trial. The bad news is that most defendants don’t have the cash on hand to pay their way out of jail. This is when a bail bond agency enters the picture. For a nominal fee of 10-15% of the bail set the agency will post your bail and you will be free to go. Without their services you would have to remain behind bars until your trial date.

Besides the obvious relief that comes with being freed from custody there are important reasons for a defendant to be able to rejoin society while awaiting judgement. Most employers are willing to extend their support to employees who are facing a difficult life situation such as being accused of a criminal offense but there is a limit to their tolerance. Even the most understanding boss can’t hold a position open for an extensive period of time and without a job it will be hard for the defendant who is awaiting trial to provide for his family.

Speaking of family, today’s parents are typically both working outside the home in order to make a good living for themselves and their children. This often means that carpooling and after school activities also must be shared. If one parent is taken out of the equation the other one will have to bear the added burden and in the end the children will be the ones to suffer.

The concern of a BWB Bail Bonds agent doesn’t stop with posting a bond. He will be available to counsel and assist the client or his family members and make recommendations based on his far-reaching experience. Call BWB now @ 720-358-2901 in Denver.

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