Make That First Call Count

Somehow things went terribly wrong and you’ve found yourself under arrest and in urgent need of help. Your first call should be to a well established bail bond agency so that if the judge at your arraignment decides that you are eligible you’ll be ready to make bail arrangements asap.

How do you find a reliable agency? Jail attendants are usually not permitted to make personal recommendations but there should be a list of local agencies and their contact information posted prominently at the jailhouse. The agencies listed there are most likely to be officially licensed and have had previous experience with the jurisdiction. The more familiar your bondsman is with the way the legal system works the easier it will be for him to maneuver through it.

Actions have consequences and even if you believe that the evidence against you will be easily refuted in court the bail agency that arranges for your freedom is taking a risk. After all, these people don’t know you from Adam. For this reason a co-signer may be required, probably someone who cares about you a great deal and is willing to trust that you will live up to your promise to commit to the stipulations of your bail agreement with the court. You won’t want to disappoint.

A responsible bail bondsman genuinely wants his client to have a shot at proving himself. A lot will depend on how that client conducts himself while out on bail. Depending on the charges that have been brought against you, you may be required to attend anger management classes or enter a drug or alcohol outpatient program, for instance. If so, the bondsman in charge of your case will remind you of upcoming dates and even help you get to and from appointments.

Call BWB Bail Bonds in Denver and get help from an experienced and compassionate bondsman. The agency is available to take your call 24/7 and will provide prompt and courteous service throughout your ordeal.

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