Make An Informed Decision

A bail bond works much like an insurance policy in that you pay a non-refundable premium for both.  The premium in the case of a bail bond is the percentage you pay to the agent who posts the money to the court for your temporary release from custody.  

Before you buy any kind of insurance you need to know exactly what you’re getting for your money. The same goes when you’re asked to bail someone out of jail – you need to know just what you’re letting yourself in for. The best source of information may well be the bail bondsman that shares your responsibilities.

There are certain issues that a bondsman will consider before agreeing to represent any defendant.  He will need to know what kind of accusation has been made against him, if there is a criminal history or if the defendant is a possible flight risk.  When you sign on to help arrange bail for a friend in trouble make sure you can trust him to comply with the terms laid out by the court.  If you don’t know the defendant too well he may turn out to be unreliable.

When a bail bondsman takes on a client his job is just beginning.  Because he is financially responsible the bondsman will keep track of the comings and goings of a defendant while he is free on bail.  As the co-signer of the bond you may be asked to offer up some form of collateral as further assurance that the defendant will be present for his trial.  Protect your interests by staying in close touch with the defendant.  You may be able to keep him from making a decision that you both would come to regret.

The responsibility that you will be taking on when you agree to arrange bail for a friend is a big one.  Be sure that you feel confident in your decision before you sign off on the deal.

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