Local Denver Bail – How They Make Money

In Denver, Bail bondsmen generally earn money whenever they pay the bail sum for people where the flight risk is minimal. They obtain the 10% service charge from the accused or any of his family or friends. Once the case has been resolved, Denver bail agents receive their money back as well as get paid the 10% charge which was already paid out to them for their services. Therefore, in the event that they bail out ten defendants in per week, they are able to make approximately $50,000 in the event that the overall bail amount equals to $50,000 and they charge $5,000 for each person.

Additionally, many bail bondsman will require some kind of material asset which they are able to keep in the event that the person they bail chooses not to appear in court. If the accused neglect to show on their chosen court date, the bail bondsman is able to sell the assets to recover the bail amount which they paid out and keep any extra cash earned off the sale of the asset.

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