Let Experience Be Your Guide

Any time a loved one is in trouble his family suffers, but the holidays are especially hard. This is the time of year for get togethers and office parties that can sometimes lead to trouble because it is also the time when police are on high alert for alcohol impaired drivers. Ordering that one more drink for the road before driving home can lead to your arrest and incarceration. Having to call a friend or relative to bail you out of jail on Christmas Eve is the last thing you want to do. Calling a bail bondsman is the better alternative.

An experienced bondsman knows that otherwise law abiding citizens can make a mistake under certain circumstances. He’s not there to judge you, he’s there to help you out of a regrettable situation. First time offenders who find themselves in jail facing a charge of DUI have no idea how to proceed, this is new territory for them. Once you contact a bail agent he will take the reins and steer you through the entire process to get you back with your family asap.

Unless you have the cash on hand to pay the entire bail amount assigned by the court your best option is to rely on the resources of a locally well established bail bond agency. Their representative will be familiar with the jurisdiction and know his way around the courtroom. He will likely be on a first name basis with the court officials who are knowledgeable about court dates, times and what judge will be presiding over which cases. He can explain to you just how the proceedings work so that you will know what’s coming next.

Once the necessary paperwork has been completed and the bond posted, you will be released from custody. Of course this doesn’t mean that the charges against you have been dropped, but al least you will be free until the time of your trial and you can spend the holidays with your family.

A bondsman from BWB Bail Bonds serving counties throughout Colorado will be with you up to and including the resolution of your trial. Call for help @ 720-358-2908.

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