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It is totally understandable to be anxious and confused when you are unexpectedly faced with the fact that a close friend or relative not to mention a son or daughter, has been arrested. Most people are typically not prepared to handle this kind of situation. Fortunately a bail bond agency is experienced with the arrest process and what follows.

In most cases the arresting officers will take the suspect to a detention facility where he will be processed into the system. Once he is fingerprinted and photographed he will be placed in a holding cell until it is time for his arraignment.

During this first hearing before a judge the suspect will be made aware of the charges brought against him and will be asked to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. Then the judge will set the amount of bail which is the money needed to pay to the court in order for the accused to be released to await his trial date.

In considering what the bail amount will be the judge may go by what is called a “bail schedule” or he may choose to rely on his own rationale. A bail schedule indicates the suggested bail amount suited to the particular crime that the suspect is being charged with. It is merely a guideline however.

Once your loved one is out of jail the best thing you can do for him is to help him avoid any more trouble while he is awaiting judgement. Your bail agent will be able to help arrange for counseling sessions or find a reputable rehab facility, whatever is needed to ensure a stable lifestyle and eliminate the risk of forfeiture.

If all this is too overwhelming count on BWB Bail Bonds to be there to guide you through the entire process. You will be assigned an agent that is familiar with the workings of your particular jurisdiction so that things will proceed as smoothly as possible. Call BWB in Denver @ 729-358-2908.

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