Let A Bail Bondsman Act On Your Behalf

No matter what you have seen in the movies or what your mind may have imagined the reality of being arrested and going to jail will no doubt exceed your worst nightmares. It is a cold, heartless environment, nothing like what you may remember from the Andy Griffith t.v. series where the prisoners were served homemade meals from Aunt Bee’s kitchen. If you do wind up behind bars you will want nothing more than to secure your freedom asap. That’s where a bail bondsman comes in.

Depending on the charges that have been brought against you a judge will assign a bail amount which you must pay in order to be released from custody. You may or may not be in a position to pay the court but even if you are there are reasons to let a bail agent make arrangements for you.

The more time you spend in jail the more time is wasted away from your family and your workplace. An experienced bail bondsman knows the ins and outs of the local jurisdiction and may well be able to expedite matters and gain your release sooner rather than later. The court system can move slowly, it can take anywhere from weeks to months just for a trial date to be set and then there are the preliminary hearings to get through. You’ll want to be free for that time and help your lawyer to build your own defense.

Using the services of a bail bond agency will save you the hassle of asking friends or family members for financial help. Instead, you can pay the agency a minimal fee of 10% of the bail amount set and be on your way. Your bondsman will even give you a lift home from the courthouse saving your loved ones from having to take time off from work to do so.

BWB Bail Bonds has established a reputation for excellent service throughout the state of Colorado. Call 720-358-2901 when you need help.

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