Knowing The System Makes Things Easier

It is our human nature to want to help a friend or someone we care for a great deal get out of a troublesome situation. Nothing could apply more than having been arrested and placed behind bars. It is important to understand however, that getting someone out of jail will require a certain amount of patience and an understanding of the rules.

It may well be a first time experience for you, but the police, the jailers and the officers of the court go through the process on a daily basis and they appreciate the cooperation of all parties involved. Unless you are granted release on your own recognizance or you can afford to pay the bail that the court has imposed in your case, your best move will be to contact a reputable bail bond agency to guide you and your loved ones through the system with as little strife as possible.

Bail is just another form of insurance, but in this case you are supplying the court with the collateral to back up your promise to appear in court to face the charges that have been brought against you. The court will schedule the dates for preliminary hearings and for the onset of your trial and you will be expected to show up. If you fail to do so you will lose the cash or collateral that you have put up.

The eighth amendment to the US Constitution protects citizens from being assessed “excessive” bail. The bail amount is set during your first court appearance which is known as the arraignment. If you feel that the judge has been unfair in his assessment you can request that the amount be lowered at this time and a hearing will be set for you to officially state your case. Keep in mind however, that the judge has final say in this matter and it may be hard to sway his judgement.

Find out more about the bail process on the BWB Bail Bonds website, be sure to click on the FAQ’s page. You can call the agency @ 720-358-2908.

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