Know Your Responsibilities From Start To Finish

When you contact a bail agency the first questions they will have will be about the basics – where is the suspect being held? How long has he been in custody? What are the charges against him? Every arrestee is assigned a case number. Tell the bondsman if you know the number, but if not he can find it out at the jail.

In addition, you will need to provide some key information about the person who is requesting bail – his name, address, where he works, etc. You will then be asked to sign certain documents explaining the responsibilities that you will be taking on if you agree to be the co-signer for the bond. In some cases the agency may ask for some sort of physical collateral in the form of property or valuable possessions.

Once the preliminary paperwork has been completed, a licensed bondsman will be assigned to your case. He will go to to the jail and after the booking procedure has been completed, he will post the assigned bail and your friend or relative will be released.

If a suspect wants to get out of jail asap, he will have to pay the amount of bail posted on the jailhouse bail schedule, in accordance with his alleged crime. These amounts are pretty much set in stone, so if a suspect feels that his bail should be lower, he will have to wait to appear before a judge at a bail hearing, or an arraignment.

Judges have much more leeway when it comes to setting bail. They can go by the standard rates for misdemeanors vs felonies, or they can be influenced by other considerations including any excessive violence associated with the crime, or if the accused has a criminal background. If a suspect is wanted in another jurisdiction a judge may remand him to custody pending the outcome of that action

A bail bond agreement is absolved when the case is resolved in court, or if the charges are dropped. In either instance, all parties involved in the bond are relieved of any responsibility.

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