Know What You’re Up Against

If you need the help of a bail agency the first thing you will want to know is how much it’s going to cost you. Your fee will depend on the bail amount set by the courts which will correspond to the circumstances and charges brought against the defendant and will be determined at the arraignment. When you call an agency the representative that you speak to will ask for some basic information. If you can provide the defendant’s full name, where he is being held and what bail amount has been assigned in the case it will help in expediting matters.

Before you agree to a contract the bail agent will advise you of the terms and make you aware of any risks that you will be taking on if you decide to act as the co-signer of the bond agreement. This is the time for the questions that you may have concerning your responsibilities. If collateral is going to be a condition of the arrangement the agency may ask that you provide proof of ownership of any real estate or personal belongings that you may offer to put up. If you believe that there is reason to be concerned about the ability of the defendant to adhere to the conditions of his bail you may request certain stipulations be attached to the contract before you agree to co-sign.

The central objective of the US bail system is to grant a defendant his freedom while awaiting trial for the charges that have been made against him in exchange for his promise to return to court for judgement. Court schedules fluctuate at times but the bail bondsman will keep his client apprised of the dates and times when the defendant will be expected to appear. The agent will remain in contact with the client throughout the time leading up to the trial.

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