Know What You’re Signing Up For

There is more to a bail bond arrangement that just paying a fee to get a friend out of jail, there are serious responsibilities that go along with being the indemnitor of a bail bond. As indemnitor you will be taking it upon yourself to see to it that your friend the defendant complies to any and all of the rules that may be assigned to the bail agreement, and they can be many.

The most fundamental stipulation associated with a bail agreement is that the defendant appear in court at the judge’s discretion. This means that if his honor sees fit he may request that the defendant be present for every single hearing that may be held leading up to the time of the trial.

Both the defense attorney and the prosecutor may request that the court hears motions to admit new evidence or to rule that some witness testimony be discounted. Some pre trial hearings are more pertinent to the case than others, but the point is that the defendant appear on request. One of your jobs as cosigner to the bail contract will be to help the agent to keep the defendant aware of upcoming court dates and offer transportation to and from the court when necessary. If, even after your best efforts the defendant fails to appear you may be held responsible for the resulting court fees.

It is in the best interests of everyone concerned the defendant be on his best behavior while he is out on bail. As his friend you may be the best one to help in that respect. If for instance, the courts have ordered that the defendant stay away from bars and other public establishments that serve alcohol you can encourage him to find more appropriate social situations.

Before you commit to being the co-signer for a bail bond go over the terms of the contract that the bail agency is offering and ask any questions that you may have. BWB Bail Bonds in Denver is well respected throughout their field for their high level of efficiency and a commitment to their clientele. Your can reach a BWB representative @ 720-358-2908.

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