Know What Will Be Expected Of You

Just as with other personal services that you may require, hiring the right bail bond agency will largely depend on trusting in their experience and their reputation in the industry.  It can also be of help to be informed on some basic information about how the system works.

The first thing you’ll need to know is how to get in touch with a bondsman.  If you are arrested you will be taken to the local jailhouse where you will be processed through the facility and held in a cell until the time of your bail hearing.  There will be a directory posted there listing several local bonding agencies and their contact information, although the jailers aren’t allowed to recommend one over another.

If you’re the one on the outside making bail arrangements for a friend or a member of your family who has been placed under arrest you will need to supply some basic information when you talk to the bondsman for the first time.  This is nothing to stress about, just a matter of identifying yourself and the defendant and telling the bondsman where the defendant is being held.

The purpose of the arraignment hearing is to determine whether or not bail is to be granted and if so what the amount will be.  It is the opportunity for both the defense and the prosecution to present reasons to the judge for allowing bail or refusing it.  Bail is the either set or denied and the hearing is over.  Friends and family members may be present at arraignment if they want to provide moral support to the defendant.  Once bail is set your bondsman will post the required amount and the defendant will be allowed to leave the courtroom and remain free until the time of his trial.

BWB Bail Bonds in Denver is well established in the community and is represented by agents throughout the state of Colorado who are on hand any time of day or night.  Call 720-358-2908 to be put in touch with a bondsman.

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