Know What To Look For When You Need A Bail Bondsman

If you find yourself in the position of having to bond a friend out of custody you should be made aware of the responsibility that you are taking on. A reliable bail bondsman will tell you that up front. He should make sure that you understand that if at any time during the duration of the bond – a bail bond will be good for one year – the defendant tries to flee the jurisdiction, you as the co-signer will be held responsible. Even though you may believe that your buddy could never leave you holding the bag, it’s better to be safe than sorry. One way to protect yourself is to know that the agency that your bondsman is representing has the necessary resources to find and return a fugitive defendant if it should become necessary.

When you’re shopping for a bondsman remember that there are no bargains to be found. If you see an ad for “cheap bonds” don’t fall for it, and keep looking for a legitimate agency. Judges determine the bail amount and the premium – what you will pay – is commonly ten percent of that amount.

If the circumstances surrounding your friend’s case are such that his bail has been set unusually high, or if it has been determined by the court that the defendant presents a reasonable flight risk, a bail bondsman may be justified in asking for collateral in the form of property or a valuable heirloom – possibly a piece of art or jewelry. Some will and some will not, but be sure to ask about the agency’s policy on this.

Undoubtedly your friend will want to get out of jail asap. Consider the agent’s proximity to the holding facility. The closer the agency is, the sooner a bondsman can get to the jail and start the ball rolling for the quickest possible results.

Getting a loved one out of jail fast means that the bond agency that you choose will be on hand when you need them. BWB Bail Bonds in Denver and with service throughout Colorado, is open for business 24/7. Call for help @ 720-886-0606.

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