Know The Ropes

If you’ve been asked for help in arranging bail for a friend who has been arrested, hiring a well established bail bond agency will make things a lot easier both financially and as a way to facilitate matters.  You are most probably new to the court process whereas a bail agent deals with it everyday and knows what to expect at each turn.

Most defendants will be granted bail but there are some exceptions.  When you contact a bail bondsman he of course will need to know some basic information about the arrest and the facts surrounding the case.  Considering that the risk of a defendant fleeing the area in order to escape prosecution is one of the reasons for denying bail, your bondsman will also need to determine if your friend has connections in the community that would preclude him from being considered a flight risk.

Having friends and family ties will help to convince a judge that a defendant is more likely to stay within the jurisdiction.  Your bondsman will advise you that being present for the bond hearing when the judge will set the bail amount and assuring the court that your friend is gainfully employed will be to his advantage.

Depending on the particulars of the case against the defendant you may be asked to provide collateral before bail can be arranged.  A reputable bondsman will make sure you are made aware of the common options  and any risk of loss that may be involved in case the defendant does flee.  The most popular form of collateral is real property but there are other possibilities that your agent will discuss with you.

There may be some specific stipulations attached to a bail agreement but the defendant in every case will be obligated to attend all court hearings leading up to and including his trial.  If he misses even one date bail may be revoked and the defendant will be remanded to custody with no possibility for bail.

When you deal with BWB Bail Bonds in Denver you are putting your trust in good hands. All the agents are experienced in their field and will stick by you throughout the entire process.  Call BWB @ 720-358-2908 any time of the day or night.

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