It’s Better To Be Prepared

The phrase “never say never” can be applied to many of the unexpected circumstances that life may present. Being arrested for a crime that you didn’t commit could definitely top the list of those incidents. Not many people would know what to do in that situation, but some statistics have indicated that over half the male population will go through the process of being taken into custody by law enforcement during their lifetime. If it’s not you it could be a close friend or relative.

The majority of those arrests will involve young adults who will need help from someone who knows how the legal system works. The first thing on the mind of anyone who finds himself behind bars is how he is going to get out. This is where a bail bondsman comes into the picture.

Every jailhouse posts a roster of local bail bond agencies in the area. The police officers are not allowed to recommend one over another but all contact information is included on the list. Taking advantage of this information will help assure that a bondsman is licensed by the state’s Department of Insurance and that he has had experience within the jurisdiction.

The judge in the case will use what is known as the “bail schedule” to determine the amount of money that will need to be posted in order for the defendant to be released pending his trial. The schedule is based on the the seriousness of the offense, but the judge isn’t held strictly to its recommendations. A lot is left to his discretion.

Once the bail amount has been determined a bondsman will post it with the court and the defendant will pay the bondsman a fee for his services. The fee varies somewhat from state to state, but usually amounts to 10-15% of the total bail. The sooner the necessary paperwork can be completed the sooner the defendant will be released.

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