It Is Important To Know And Follow Court Ordered Expectations

Most people who have been taken into custody and charged with a criminal offense will be allowed to post bail in some form or another to gain their release. Even though the promise of the right to reasonable bail is available to all citizens, there may be certain conditions that go along with a pre-trial release. The conditions set forth by the judge will be influenced by the type of the crime that the defendant has been accused of, any history of past criminal offenses, and whether or not the defendant is considered a high flight risk, among other factors.

When a bail bond agency contracts with a defendant to post his bail and expedite his release, the agent assumes responsibility for his client’s adherence to the conditions that the court has assigned to him. The agency can be held accountable if the defendant doesn’t appear for his trial, or tries to escape the jurisdiction.

Since it is in the best interests of the bond agent to see to it that his client stays on the straight and narrow while he is out on bail, the agent will want to make sure that the client understands what is expected of him. The agent may want to sit down with his client even before they leave the courthouse and go over the rules one by one.

Every pre-trial release carries different stipulations, but as a general rule a defendant will be warned against being in the company of known felons or others who are apt to be a bad influence. Instead they will be encouraged to stay close to family members and friends who genuinely want to help.

Defendants are encouraged to take an active role in their own defense. Concentrating on the details surrounding his arrest and the strength of the prosecution’s evidence against him, may be the best way to help the defendant’s lawyer establish innocence.

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