How Long Will It Take?

Urgency is the key word for anyone trying to bail a good friend out of jail. It will help move things along if you have the needed information at hand when you talk to the bail agent. The agent will ask for the full legal name of the defendant, his current home address, the name of the jail facility where he is being detained and what kind of charges he has been accused of.

If the bail has already been set the agent will need to know how much money the court is asking for the release of the defendant. The agent will also want to determine if the defendant is a potential flight risk, he will ask if the defendant is employed, if he has family ties in the community and if he has a history of criminal activity.

You will be the co-signer, or indemnitor, of the bond and as so you will be required to pay a fee to the bonding agency to cover the cost of their services. The fee will amount to about 15% of the bail set down by the court. The fee is not refundable so you should make your own arrangements with the defendant if you intend to be reimbursed for this expense. A co-signer must meet the criteria of the state or jurisdiction.

Once the necessary information has been gathered and the bail application form has been signed the bail agent will go to the jail and post the bond putting the wheels in motion for the release of the defendant. How well those wheels turn will depend on the size of the facility, and the order of their system. If you have a bail agent who is well acquainted with the workings of the jail he will be able to advise you as to just how long the process may take.

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