Hold Up Your End Of The Bargain

One of the first things a bail bond agent will stress to his client is that it is absolutely imperative to appear at all court dates that the judge mandates. There may be other stipulations attached to granting the bail but this one is not up for discussion. The whole basis behind the bail system is that a defendant be freed from custody with the promise that he return to face trial for his alleged crime. If the promise is broken the freedom may be taken away.

When a defendant fails to show up for a court date, even if it’s a preliminary hearing having to deal with some legal technicality he is in violation of the bail agreement. The first thing a judge will do is to issue what is known as a “bench warrant” which amounts to he same thing as a warrant for the defendant’s arrest. If the defendant is stopped for something as seemingly insignificant as a minor traffic violation the police officer will be aware of the outstanding bench warrant and the defendant will be arrested on the spot. And that’s just the beginning.

The particulars may vary from state to state but the bottom line is that “failure to appear” is a crime in itself and there will be consequences. In most cases a defendant who is delinquent in his responsibility will forfeit his bond. In cases involving more serious charges it is quite possible that the defendant will remain behind bars until the time of trial.

The faster you act the better off you will be. If you can present evidence to the court that the failure to appear was unintentional or that the circumstances were out of your control you may be able to avoid penalties. Any illness requiring hospitalization for example, may be considered a valid excuse but it must be documented by medical records.

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