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After your family member has been arrested the first time you may see him is at his arraignment.  An arraignment is not the same as a trial.  It is however, the time when the judge will make his decision about whether or not to grant bail and if so what the amount of that bail should be.

By the time a defendant appears at arraignment his attorney will have been advised as to the specific charges being brought against his client and will be able to inform the defendant accordingly.  After the necessary paperwork is processed by both the defense attorney and the prosecution the judge will ask the prosecuting attorney to summarize the details surrounding the crime and offer his opinion about the terms for bail.

The defense lawyer will also be given the opportunity to speak at arraignment.  He can challenge the validity of the prosecution’s recommendations or offer new information that could influence the judge’s decision.  If the defense feels that the prosecution is asking for an unreasonable bail he may ask the judge to modify the proposal.

Whether or not your loved one will be granted bail is entirely up to the judge.  He will make his decision with consideration to the seriousness of the crime, the criminal history of the defendant if he has one, and whether or not the defendant has a job and family connections that would discourage him from fleeing the jurisdiction to avoid trial.

An arraignment, or bond hearing is usually over in a matter of minutes so it is in the best interest of the defendant that his bail bondsman be on hand to post the bond once it is determined.  The sooner that can be done the sooner the defendant can return to his home and family.

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