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There are several factors that figure in when a judge is determining the amount of bail to be assigned to any given case. There is the standard bail schedule that has been determined in accordance to the gravity of the crime that the defendant has been accused of. State bail schedules may vary somewhat but on average the bail for a non – violent misdemeanor for example, would be $500.00. Judges are not restricted to following the bail schedule, they are free to use personal discretion.

A lot will depend on the history of the defendant. A criminal record will usually mean a higher bail amount but it will also depend on the particular circumstances of the alleged crime. If the evidence is highly circumstantial or the defendant is the sole breadwinner for his family a judge may take that into consideration. Overcrowded jails and a lack of funding for their support are also subjects for deliberation.

Legal representation is not required, a friend or family member can make arrangements with a bail bond agency on your behalf. The officers in charge at the jail facility are not allowed to suggest one bond company over the other but word has a way of getting around among the inmates. A list of licensed bondsmen in the vicinity is usually posted.

The maximum waiting time between arrest and the court setting bail is 48 hours. However, a bondsman who knows his way around the system may be able to cut through some of the tedious paperwork that is involved and move things along toward a speedier release.

Families of defendants who have never been arrested before obviously have no experience with the workings of the court. An experienced bondsman from a reputable agency will be able to offer the advice and guidance that family members or close friends need at a time of crises. Knowing that someone who is so familiar with the bail process can relieve some of the pressure.

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